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Combining Venus with the Moon will only serve to enhance such qualities, I imagine. I can imagine that there will be some cozy times, given the Moon's influence. Feel free to follow along here and, more importantly , pay attention to what Venus has in store for you. Let me know! The notes below is how it is playing out for me Venus' Heliacal Rise in Libra : November 2, Read more about Venus and Freddie Mercury here. It doesn't escape my notice that I observed this moment by writing, and that it occured in my 3rd house of communication!

The Moon conjoins Venus in Scorpio: December 3, On this day, my 'Monday Moon Mamas' group had planned to do a self-guided cacao ceremony together, but none of the moms could make it due to family needs. So, I held a private, self-guided ceremony with myself and fell in love with mama cacao. The Moon conjoins Venus in Scorpio: January 1, Again, I found myself operating solo. This time, working on a SoulCollage and getting into bujo bullet journaling. It would seem that Venus would have me working it out on my own! Not quite the 'tea party' vibe that I had imagined!

Though, still very nice.

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And, again, could qualify as 'sacred work at home' as it is, again, in my 4th house, in Scorpio! The Moon conjoins Venus in Sagittarius: January 31, A quiet morning at home with my love, with tasty French pastries I'd bought on the way home from driving the carpool of kids to school. I note a gentle foreign theme. And fun! Befitting its placement in my 5th house of such things fun, romance, sports, creativity. The Moon conjoins Venus in Aquarius: March 2, Ha- I notice that Venus has her own plans for me.

Not so many actual socializing 'tea parties', per se, but still very venusian-moon activities! Like this one: ordered myself a bunch of new underthings.

Thank you, Venus! Aquarius being oft affiliated with fashion design and style 'for the masses'.

Moon Phases 12222 – Lunar Calendar for Montréal, Quebec, Canada

The Moon conjoins Venus in Pisces: April 1, On this day, I went to consider an office space for rent for my Astrology business. It was a great scenario, but I wasn't quite ready to take the leap. It has since been rented. I see this as a moment of idealizing shared resources I had hoped to share the space , which makes a lot of sense for it being in my 8th house of shared resources! The Moon conjoins Venus in Aries: May 2, The busy mom's answer to a 'tea date' with friends?

A walking date! Which is just what we did. Exercise AND chat to make the most of our precious time sans kids! The Moon conjoins Venus in Taurus: June 1, I met with some of my mama-friends for one of their birthdays. We noticed this sweet pineapple plant next to us, making us think of our other mama-friend who had lost her son not long before. I sent her this pic. Plant spirit medicine in the most literal sense. Peace and recovered joy to all those grieving such losses. The Moon conjoins Venus in Gemini: July 1, Expect to battle yourself internally, as you weigh up risk against security, satisfaction against money and family responsibilities against personal freedom.

Moon Phases for Montréal, 4 Nov 12222 – 26 Nov 12222

In July, a tricky square between Mars and Uranus may pit what you want to do against what you feel you ought to do, with very tense results. The good news is that later in the year this struggle will become easier. With care and imagination, you should be able to find a way forwards with your career which will bring you both enjoyment and a secure financial future. Mid-December is a likely high spot for this, courtesy of a magical Jupiter-Uranus trine. The post-festive period is also significant, as a Solar Eclipse on December 26th activates surprises and changes of heart in your everyday work zone.

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Keep moving forwards and make it work! For you, Virgo, will be defined by your learning to both expand your horizons and live within your boundaries.

Sounds contradictory? Surprisingly not. Expect this process to get underway in late January when a Lunar Eclipse prompts you to examine how you can best be of service to the world. Answers come thick and fast, notably during the Full Moon in your own sign in late February — this is when you will realize how much you have to offer. Rebel planet Uranus takes up residence in your travel and philosophy zone in early March, so itchy feet are sure to be a key feature of spring All this activity is leading towards a brand-new personal project or ambition, which will clarify in late August when there is a New Moon in Virgo — New Moon, New You.

Along the way, watch out for some friction between your family and your in-laws, especially in January, June and September, when difficult squares between Jupiter and Neptune make it hard to tell who is on whose side. Having said that, wonderful family news may arrive in late January, courtesy of a conjunction between loving Venus and expansive Jupiter: perhaps the pitter patter of new human or animal feet is heading your way!

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The emphasis in is on rekindling the spark in an existing relationship — or finding a brand new and intensely exciting one! A Solar Eclipse in your passion zone in the first week of the year sets the tone. If an existing relationship is struggling, March could be a make or break time. A New Moon in early March falls in your love zone, which could suggest a new beginning in your relationship…or a clean break.

Mercury is retrograde in your love zone during March, so do make sure that you communicate clearly and from the heart.

Virgo Horoscope for October 12222

Any wounds which need healing will feel much soothed once Venus shifts into your love zone at the end of March. The other major shakeup in your love life comes in December, when Jupiter shifts into your dating zone. As gets underway, there are indications of some tension between you and work colleagues, especially if you have felt overlooked or under-valued recently. Try not to take it personally; if you can hang on in there until early March, diplomatic Venus shifts into this zone of your chart and should ease working relationships considerably.

The period from late March to late April is significant for your income, with two consecutive Full Moons in your money zone. This is a rare opportunity for you to get a grip on your finances, sorting out your future security and ensuring that your financial health gets a check-up. This astrological vibe also bodes well for investments and for the first fruits from a new business of any kind.

Energetic and ambitious Mars arrives in your career zone in late March, so this too contributes plenty of zest and enthusiasm to your money-making efforts. Mars helps to round off the year on a positive note too, when it shifts from your own sign into your finance zone in early October, giving your bank balance another helpful boost. During , your image — and what other people think of you — will be very important to you; perhaps a little too important. From the very beginning of the year, following a Solar Eclipse in early January, your family may be at loggerheads over a decision you make.

Be fair but firm in your family leadership. The northern Winter brings a resolution to the ongoing family-related rumbles — once Jupiter breezes into your family zone in early December, peace will reign. In mid-December, a delightful Jupiter-Uranus trine helps to bring the family together in a big way, healing any past issues and bringing love and laughter in its wake.

A very flirtatious phase in late April comes courtesy of the arrival of Venus in your dating zone. However, this comes against the backdrop of a very volatile Mars-Uranus conjunction in your love zone in February, which could have explosive repercussions. If you play with fire, be prepared to get burnt. Once shock-jock planet Uranus settles into your intimacy zone in early March, too many dangerous liaisons and too much jealousy could prove toxic for a relationship.

If you want to restore peace to an existing relationship, early April is your best shot, with a New Moon occurring in your love zone, enabling a new start if both parties genuinely want it. Any relationship which forms around this time will go through a meaningful phase during mid-October, when the Full Moon in your love zone brings something to fruition. This is something of a challenge, especially once unpredictable Uranus arrives in your secrets zone in early March.

Difficult squares between Jupiter and Neptune hint at a communications breakdown at work in January, June and September, and in March especially, with Mercury retrograde in your work zone, you may struggle to get along with your work-mates. A very promising Full Moon in mid-May occurs in your money zone, however, so financial gain is on the way. If you can stick out the difficult transition period, things will settle down.

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Watch out for a Solar Eclipse in your career zone in early July — there could be a surprise in store. This may come as a shock at the time, but it will be to your benefit in the long run.

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Luxury-loving Venus shifts into your money zone in early October, helping you to spend any raise almost as fast as it arrives. Fortunately, a New Moon later in October falls in your money zone too, so you should find it easy to increase your income to match your appetites! Once determined Mars arrives in this zone of your chart in mid-November, you will be all set to see out the year with considerable financial success. It all starts with a Solar Eclipse in your learning zone in the first week of the year, which is mirrored by another such eclipse in the last week of — the distance you will travel, mentally, between these two dates is remarkable.

Make every effort to expand your mind and to take up new learning opportunities.

https://www.hiphopenation.com/mu-plugins/dickson/vaguv-matchmaking-services-chicago.php Befriend someone who would benefit from your experience and help them to learn their own lessons too. A Full Moon in your own sign in May gives you confidence in how much you have to offer. Another Solar Eclipse, in your philosophy zone in early July, proves to you that your knowledge and wisdom is needed in the world. Soon afterwards, Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, shifts into your learning zone, reinforcing all that you have learned in and setting the scene for further growth to come.

However, rebel planet Uranus also settles into your love zone in early March, bringing more than your fair share of shocks and surprises. With Mercury retrograde in your flirting zone throughout March, it could be that a particular encounter — innocent or not so innocent — is enough to spark chaos within an established relationship.

Some of this angst will settle down in May, when a New Moon in your romance zone helps to calm and soothe anxieties and jealousy. However, a very tough and tempestuous square between Mars and Uranus occurs in July, this will pit your love life against your career in some way. If your working conditions are not conducive to a good work-life balance, expect this to be a major source of tension in Much of the rest of the year is about you learning to handle these conflicts and learning to make choices which prioritize your loved ones instead of your career.

When diplomatic Venus arrives in your sign in early October, stand-offs will soften - and a promising Full Moon in November suggests that the problems can be eased.