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One 7 in the chart when combined with the 8, 1 or 6 brings success together with compassion and kindness. On its own, the 7 brings desire for perfection. Such people need to rationalize what is possible and learn to balance between the three major issues of love, money and health. This is the luckiest number in the chart and it brings lots of good fortune! However, if there is a lack of other numbers in the two other planes, the double 8 brings about misfortune later on in life. The number 9 as the central number of the intellectual dimension represents the fullness of heaven and earth.

Also known as a multiplying number, it exerts a strong influence on the effects of the other numbers in the chart. One 9 in the chart brings self assurance, ambition and intelligence. There is high potential for success in all fields of academia as long as the chart is balanced with other numbers on the intellectual plane.

If the birth chart is balanced with other numbers in all three planes, there is good news in terms of authority as well as an excellent career. A double 9 is a sure sign of intellectual ability, with a love for acquiring more knowledge. The double 9 is an expression of idealism coupled with serious thought. People with the double 9 are level-headed and ruled by their head, and seldom by their heart, unless there is a heavier weighting in the middle numbers of 3, 5 and 7.

We can see that her chart possesses numbers in all the three dimensions, which means that this is someone who leads a well-balanced life. She has three sets of dominant numbers, namely the double 2, the double 5 and the double 1. The single 9, combined with the double 2, means she is someone who has a powerful intellect and who thinks rationally.

The double 5, together with the 3 and the 9, indicates that she is one formidable person who can be a philanthropist and generous. This chart however is of someone who is very careful of whom she helps.

The double 1 indicates big potential for material wealth. Her chart also possesses the special line of willpower. This vertical line of 9, 5 and 1 brings a stubborn streak.

Birthday Number 3

At its most positive, it brings endurance, persistence and determination. However, at its worst, it gives rise to extreme stubbornness, and inflexibility. People with this line tend to be argumentative and do not take kindly to discipline imposed on them. Indeed, most successful politicians have this line in their chart, as it makes them tough enough to overcome all.

Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. At times this can be a poly, because help can be extended also out of good intension, but a Jupiterian number 3 will not understand that, thus they should surround themselves with lot of family members and their well-wishers who they know will not take advantage of them and whose help number 3 can take with open heart and an open mind. While the numerology number 3 marriage life , numerology number 3 love life matters come, they are very care giving people towards their partners.

This number is called the universal helper or service provider. They easily can mix up with people even with strangers. Number 3 people are also very magnanimous by heart. They would hesitate to part even with their dearest thing if they feel their loved ones need their help or if demanding it.


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Number 3 people are generally placed for their very good family life. Their spouse is also very understanding and may belongs to education, teaching or the nursing fields. Generally number 3 people unless their lagna and 7 th house of the horoscope is afflicted by malefic planets will enjoy a stable family life.

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Numerology Number 3 Career: If I talk about the career aspect of number 3, just because the creative faculty, imagination power is very high with high ambition, highly knowledgeable and dynamic characteristic, opens up a whole variety of fields to them. Connection could be of religious institutions, spiritual organizations, priesthood, preaching, teaching, becoming a philosopher, becoming a teacher, a lecturer, anything related to the judiciary, government, to the civil services, banking etc.

These people are also very fond of art cinema, glamour and all the fields are related to entertainment.

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A lot of good achievers and a lot of successful people from these fields will be baring the number 3. Number 3 people are very high on their values, very high on principles. Sometimes a little bit obstinate also, because, they do not tend to be flexible if the situation is demanding it but on the whole they are very righteous people, justice loving people, religious people, very god fearing and very idealistic.

So, if you are a number 3 so you are one of the blessed persons who are born to lead the universe by enlightening the society about the scriptures, about our vedus, puranas or scriptures or ancient books of any religion. They are also very good healers and they are also very much interested in new age phenomena like universal consciousness. Body organs and diseases number 3 in numerology :. This number refers to body fats and liver. All diseases related to these two — number 3 people are likely to suffer from. Here I am talking the origin of the disease not the apparent symptoms.

For example, if a number 3 suffer from diabetes or arthritis so the origin could be excess body fats etc.

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  • Lucky Numbers or Compatibility Numbers Are : 3, 6, 9 and 1. Numerology no 3 Lucky colors Are: Yellow, violate, saffron, purple, cream and gold are considered as the lucky colors to increase the positive vibration of number 3. Numerology number 3 Lucky direction is: North-east. Numerology number 3 lucky ishta dev is: lord Vishnu. Emotions tend to be intense, and a certain sensitivity to higher realms makes tapping into the spiritual self an easier task than if done without the assistance of the number 3. Those with prominent 3s in their charts tend to have difficulties in finding direction and must overcome the want to procrastinate or avoid responsibilities.

    They can be vain and self-centered, and their inabilities to plan ahead and focus their energies constructively could lead to a continuous cycle of rising and falling i. The number 3 keeps individuals in tune with nature, one with the world outside of themselves.

    Birthday Number in Numerology

    Their sense of rhythm is innate and they tend to feel one at times with the universe and the push and pull of the world. They attract much luck, opportunity, and people which may benefit their worldly purpose or internal conflict. These people should protect their talents by incorporating more discipline into their lives.

    Birthday Number Meaning

    They should also try to overcome the fear of rejection so that meaningful relationships can take bloom in their lives which will require them to delve deeper into the self in search of meaning. Their playful and optimistic personality can be easily trampled under the foot of hard or challenging times. The number 3 is a primary source of originality and individuation. Many things come easily when this number is hanging around or incorporated. The number 3 is all about abundance and happy communications. For those with the number 3 prominent in their numerology charts or appearing consistently in their lives , creative assertion and direction for creative endeavors are popular themes.

    These people should use their creativity and communication to find deeper meaning to life, both for themselves and for other people. The number 3 is indicative of someone with great creative potential but little direction. The Number 3 as a Person If numbers were people they would exhibit distinct and possibly extreme characteristics, similar to personalities of extreme characters in mythology, like Hermes or Zeus.